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Save a Strangers Life

Save a Strangers Life

pool-safety-information-save-livesI'm not selling anything and I'm not asking for money! Just a few brief moments of your time that could save the life of a stranger - or your own child.

Do you like to swim? Do you know anyone who does? Or anyone who ever goes near open water, or who has kids or elderly relatives? Then this is for you. Read on for 2 minutes and then, please, act.

I have written 'The Pool Safety Bible', based on my professional experience as a Pools Engineer. This is a completely FREE eBook about Pool and Water Safety and I'd like everyone who is at risk to have a copy.

'Pool Safety' goes further than just keeping an eye on the kids. You’d be astonished at the number of ways a swiming pool can infect, injure or kill a fragile human!

Swimming pools are accidents waiting to happen. Did you know that drowning is the leading cause of accidental death among children aged 1 - 4 years?  Or that the World Health Organisation estimates that there were 372,000 drowning deaths372,000 drowning deaths around the world in 2012?

Millions of people are hospitalised every year for injuries sustained in or around pools and open water. Electrocution, chemical burns, poisoning, slips, falls, fractures, paralysis and permanent brain damage feature among the list of water-related accidents, in addition to death by drowning.
Countless numbers of people become ill after swimming due to poor or inadequate sanitation, or incorrect storage/handling or application of chemicals.

Swimmers can be blighted with anything from verrucas, ear infections, e. coli (aka ‘the runs’), chemical poisoning and chemical burns - right up to Legionnaires Disease and Hepatitis. Some of these people die.

Working together (me, you and the Internet) we can reduce the huge number of pool accidents and deaths, worldwide.
30 different aspects of Pool Safety are covered in detail in The Pool Safety Bible, in non-technical language.

Example: -You’ll learn how to make your pool the safest place it can possibly be, LEARN CPR for FREE, discover the root cause of 50% of backyard pool deaths. It's Shallow Water Blackout - kids 'showing off', basically. Watch Michael Phelps video herevideo here andlearn how to safeguard your family, pets and friends.

By freely giving 'The Pool Safety Bible' to as many people as possible we hope to reduce the number of pool-related accidents and deaths. But we need your help!
All you need to do is: - Download a copy of The Pool Safety BibleDownload a copy of The Pool Safety Bible and read it; I guarantee you will learn things that will help to safeguard your loved ones.

Then ‘LIKE’ and ‘SHARE’ our Facebook PageFacebook Page (and this message!), tell all your friends on social networks and your personal email contacts and ask them nicely (no; beg them!) to do the same. Don't be shy - you're trying to save their lives!

In a week or so everyone on the planet who’s online – and that’s a lot of people - will have their chance to download a free copy.

You won’t forget to download your own free copydownload your own free copy will you?
The Pool Safety Bible is not just for people who own pools - it’s for anyone who uses a pool, anyone who lives near, or visits, areas with open water such as rivers, swimming holes, canals, lakes and the ocean. Knowing what to do in an emergency can save vital seconds - and seconds save lives!

Don't worry about privacy! - The Pool Safety Bible really is 100% free and we don't ask for anything in return.
We don't collect information on who downloads our eBook - not even your email address.

We’ll never know how many accidents and deaths are averted but if we can prevent the death of just one person it will all be worthwhile.

Especially if that 'one person' is someone close to you. . .
Thanks for your help, swim safe!

Ken Walker, Author, ‘The Pool Safety Bible’