DIY Katchakid

DIY Katchakid Poo Safety Net

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If you do not have a Katchakid Distributor or Installer in your area, or you want to save some money by installing this excellent Safety Net yourself, there is a simplified Do-It-Yourself version.


The Concept of installing a DIY Katchakid

Imaging your pool in a rectangular box; cover that box with a rectangular mesh (The Katchakid Net).

Keep all mesh running-lines as straight and square as possible.

The net is then custom-shaped to fit the individual pool.

The Process of installing a DIY Katchakid


  1. Anchor placement and installation
  2. Positioning and securing the Katchakid
  3. Trimming the edges of the net
  4. Binding the edges of the net
  5. Closing the fasteners and 'finishing' the net
  6. Setting the Central Tensioning System
  7. Assembling the EZ-Roller
  8. Attaching ASTM Safety Labels

Tools and equipment required:

  1. Scissors
    Heavy duty hammer drill* (or even better; a diamond core-drill)
    Soldering Iron and extension cable with Ground Fault Interrupter
    Tape measure
    Clear PVC solvent adhesive for assembly of the EZ-Roller
    Hose-pipe, if you are using a core-drill

*Katchakid recommends a heavy-duty hammer drill but for the best possible results use a core-drill with a diamond-tipped drill-bit. These tools can be rented on a daily rate from many hardware stores or a Tool Hire company

When using a core-drill it is useful to make a wooden template to prevent the drill from sliding or slipping on the surface of the coping. Make a template by drilling a 19mm (3/4") hole in a piece of timber and hold the template still by standing on it during the drilling operation.

DIY Katchakid Net - components